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Nadila Ernesta Encouraged Go International

Award "Asia Model Festival 2011" received the artis Nadila Ernesta , encourage careers related to go international. Award received from the event which was held in Seoul, South Korea, became her career encouraging more serious and professional

"Go International fingers crossed, hoping to go international," she said when met at the Regions Bangka, South Jakarta, on Monday.

But while you can do is maintain what has been achieved it, and trying to reach greater heights at the international level.

"Just keep what now obtained first, continue to be the best. And this wish could have been spelled out to go international in Asia," Nadila Ernesta said.

While the acting world affairs that has been cultivated, Nadila Ernesta felt not so affected. Whatever the bids come, as long as she could and had the chance, would she lived.

"For now I'm more like accept it for all their work could I run, I did not close the possibility for everything, but not the intent maruk sustenance as well but if it's not where," she said.
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